Data migration

A lot of labs will pursue a data migration strategy when they have a new LIMS. Some may choose a little data to move and some a lot. the scale of the migration can be variable on a project. Generally transfusion would seek to have a full migration of data whereas Blood Science might only migrate creatinine data of rate AKI calculation.

With the march towards digital pathology in Cellular Pathology, I don’t think any hospitals have had to contend with a data migration of their digital pathology data. I do wonder if the image data is stored in an open standard or some proprietary format.

If stored in an open format, moving the data would seem to be a fairly easy and reasonable task. If stored in a proprietary format, I suspect a lab might be forced to maintain some level of access to the data as opposed to trying to re-scan their slide archive.

I am intrigued by the challenges created by digital pathology due to the amount of data being stored each day. I think I recall a terabyte per day as a possible level of image data being stored for a reasonably sized laboratory. Even if the dat was half that size, moving 5-10 years of data would be an immense task. I would like to think that the cloudy mccloud would be able to cope though I would expect it wouldn’t be a simple, straight forward task.

Maybe I will be able to revise this topic when I have some firm answers!

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